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Trick or Treat?

When you think of ice cream cones, what comes to mind? In general, many wouldn't think of ice cream cones as something to wear, but rather something to eat. Deviating from the usual, the very talented and eccentric Nicki Minaj, decided to incorporate an ice cream cone into her outfit at the MTV 2011 VMA's. What do you think about it; trick or treat?

If you think ice cream cone necklaces are a treat 
you may find the necklaces below worth wild.


  1. Generally speaking, her outfit is doing THE MOST. It's ALL over the place. and it's hard to focus on any one aspect. If anything, I'm a fan of the dress. Too bad it's overshadowed by all the other hoopla. But about the necklace, it's rather interesting, and I don't mind it on her, but I wish it was smaller, it looks as if she might be stabbed in the neck at any moment lol. Nicki Minaj...definitely one of a kind lol.

  2. lol I completely agree with you.


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