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Livewire Jewelry

Based out of Pennsylvania, Livewire Jewelry, showcases the beauty in mixed media - multiple mediums are incorporated into it's designs: heishi pearls, amber, lace agate, turquoise,  rhinestones, faceted garnets, jade, jasper, vintage styled beads/pendents, brass, chain, etc. Livewire Jewelry designer Sharon Borsavage states that "I make what I feel. It's that life should be;" this seemingly care-free attitude appears to translate into her designs and the end results are amazing.

Below are a few of my favorite Livewire Jewelry; to view more click here.

 Sultry, $155.00

 Wondrous, $44.00

 The Guardian, $74.00

 Enlightened, $60.00

Timeless, $39.00

Also, you can keep in touch with the designer of Livewire Jewelry by following her blog:

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  1. Ah Carmella, what a sweetheart you are! Thank you so much for visiting and your kind words, very generous of you! Thank you for this post , I am honored and humbled. Keep creating!


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