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Making A Statement

Weather you're wearing an old ring, a dainty pair of earrings, or an incredibly large necklace you are making a statement about who you are.

Some people may think that the only statement one can make with jewelry is by wearing oversized or multiple pieces at once, and there is always that person who thinks the higher the price and the more well known the designer the better; however that girl that only wears the same old ring everyday or that girl that wears her dainty earrings she got from a flee market are making a statement of their own. Without knowing it these girls may be exposing their sentimental, feminine, funky, or shy traits.

Like, jewelry's ability to make a statement, jewelry displays can, too. Below are a few  incredible jewelry displays that make distinct statements of their own.


  1. So many cool ways of storage!

  2. I love making a statement with jewelry. Jewelry is the most important part of my outfit and I feel naked without any on. I love to layer necklaces and bracelets/bangles, and I wear 3-4 rings at a time (a mix of big and small rings). And I love to sparkle and I love to sparkle and shine so the more glam the pieces are the better. What I wear is an extension of my personality, and I think it should be that way for everyone. Wear what's you and that makes for an even bigger statement.


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