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The Earrings

I have been envisioning creating a long pair of earrings with the use of seed/tiny beads for weeks; however, I was unsure. I knew that I would like them - at least I thought I would -  but I wasn't sure if others would perceive them the same way. After, going back and forth through my mind with the design for two weeks, I decided that I would make the earrings, but not as long as I originally wanted them to be. Then I saw it. The ad. Alberta Ferretti's Spring 2012 ad (above) was in the pages of Vogue's March 2012 issue; I was looking through it while waiting at Jiffy Lube for my boyfriend's car to be fixed. When I saw the ad with the earrings that I had been envisioning for weeks I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was excited and I felt a sense of validation. All my plans were scratched. After, seeing the ad I knew I had to stick with the original design that I had been thinking of; now, I'm making plans to create a similar pair for Pure Love. Below are more Ferretti 2012 Spring ads.  

Check back soon for
 Pure Love's version! 


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