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DIY: Solange Knowles' Necklace

Solange Knowles tribal-inspired necklace is an appealing way to make a statement this summer; it is chic, bold, and trendy.

Erica and Lauren of Honestly WTF have created instructions on how to make a similar necklace in their post DIY: Friendship Necklace; with a few moderation's you could create a similar styled necklace as to the one seen here on Solange.

Here's what you'll need! 

 Click here, too see what to do with these materials. 


  1. Solange Konwles has a very interesting look, she's very inspiring. Great idea a DIY about these necklaces :)

  2. great idea!!!!
    hope we can follow each other!

  3. Solange is so pretty! If I were into doing DIY's I would do this one, but DIY's are just too much for me.


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