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Recently, I was introduced to Beadniks, a chain of bead stores started by Sally Roesler - "Sally started her bead wholesale catalog in 1989, The Bead Goes On, on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. Ten months later she opened Beadniks and began the pursuit of a personal dream - to create a bead store like no other." (Beadniks) In addition to Martha's Vineyard, Beadniks' are now located in Santa Monica, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Bloomington, Minnesota at the Mall of America.  

While, I have not had the pleasure of experiencing Sally's Beadniks locations, I have been able to experience the magic of her little bead shop in Virginia Beach, The Bead Goes On. I was able to shop for exotic beads from Thailand, Nepal, and Indonesia along with other great beads.

The store was truly a hidden gem; it did not look like much from the the outside, but once I got in the store I enjoyed myself for almost 2 hours. I did not want to leave. The beads were beautiful, the atmosphere was peaceful, and the customer service was excellent.

The only criticism I have of The Bead Goes On is their pricing; they price their beads by grams, so while shopping I had to continuously ask for the cashier to weigh items and price them for me. Nevertheless, my overall experience was wonderful. If you are a jewelry maker like me an you live in or near Virginia Beach I would definitely recommend taking a trip to The Bead Goes On. If you are not a jewelry maker but you like handmade jewelry that is unique and well crafted then The Bead Goes On would be a great place to stop by and shop.

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  1. wow nyc to know there are beads from nepal coz im from nepal :) her i followed u hope u;ll follow me :)

    1. NYC is actually a little further away then you may think it is from where I discovered this shop; Virginia beach, where the shop is located, is over 6 hours away from NYC...nonetheless, I am so happy you have started to follow Pure Love. The fact that you are from Nepal and their beads are one of my favorite makes you following me that much sweeter. I am now following you too.


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