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A Woman's Guide to Necklace Lengths

For The Designer & The Consumer 
Measurements are important and when it comes to styling necklace measurements are extremely important. The length of your necklace can either impact your look in a positive way or a  negative way. Consequently, women should have an idea of what works best for ceratin occasions, outfits, and their body type. Moreover, jewelry designers - specifically up-and-coming jewelry designers like myself - should have a solid understanding of necklace lengths. When I design certain necklaces I think to myself, "Where do I want to see this worn," How do I want to see it worn," and  Who do I want to see wearing it;" this helps me decide what measurements I make particular necklaces. Here I share with you, with the help of Delamina, my guide to necklace lengths:    

The Collar
Collar necklaces are very snug and very sophisticated. They are perfect for formal occasions and look fabulous with anything strapless or v-neck; however, collar necklaces when done correctly can be worn casually with jeans and a blouse. To wear a collar, especially one on the smaller side of the 12-13 inches, you should have a thin neck. 

The Choker 
A little more relaxed than the collar, and more comfortable for those of us with thicker necks, the choker gives you a little more breathing room. This 14-16 inch length is great if you want to draw attention to your long lovely neck.

The Princess
The name just sounds right.  And it often is. This 17-19 inch length is very common and the main thing to be aware of is that you choose the appropriate clothing. This necklace length works well with higher or lower necklines, just be sure that your clothing and necklace don’t fight over the same spot. When designing Pure Love's Fireball (seen above) I went with an 18 inch length, so that it could be worn by any body type. It looks great on thin and thicker necks and it works well with various necklines: v-neck, strapeless, round, etc.  

The Matinee
This necklace length is traditionally thought of as sophisticated. In general, matinee's are good for business wear, for formal wear with higher necklines, and for dressing up casual clothing. The matinee should fall to the top of your cleavage and is 20-24 inches long.

The Opera 
The opera is 28-34 inches in length and it falls just below the breast bone, which draws attention away from the neck to your chest.

The Rope 
The rope necklace deserves special applause at a spectacular 45 inches or more in length. If you are wearing something stylish and you feel confident in the total package rope necklaces are typically a good choice. Just remember this length requires the ‘once over’ in order to take it all in.

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  1. So interesting! I never knew that there were names of necklace lengths.


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