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 Yumnah Najah Designs
“Yumnah Najah launched her jewelry line, Yumnah Najah Designs, at a mere 17 years young in November of 2010. After graduating High School a year early so that she could be free to create, Yumnah spent the summer developing a line that could fuse her love of both painting and bold, bright accessories.

Yumnah Najah Designs is Yumnahs way of making art practical.” (YN) Yamnah’s mission, similar to Pure Love’s mission, is to promote confidence in women – her work is meant to be “wearable art that illuminates your bold and daring side. Encouraging you to embrace every stroke of who you you can become the masterpiece you are destined to be.” (YN) 

Her work is truly an inspiration. After discovering her jewelry line a few weeks ago I was encouraged to pull out my acrylic paints and create some “wearable art” for my upcoming showcase. Stay tuned! I will be posting the inspired pieces to Pure Love’s facebook shortly. If you haven’t already be sure to like us on facebook, here

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  1. Replies
    1. I know! You should see some of her other work; it's amazing.

  2. She's very creative! Very nice patterns.


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