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Helen's Dreams

Inspired by elements in nature, Helen's Dreams consist of organic, rustic, and earthy handcrafted jewelry; it utilizes sterling silver, gold, copper, and an assortment of beautiful gemstones. Similar to Pure's goal of making a difference, Helen's Dreams has a goal of making an impact on others; the designer of Helen's Dreams "hope['s] [her jewelry] can represent a deep hope for a better future. Thus, [she] ha[s] chosen to donate a $1.00 of every piece [she] sale[s] to - a missionary in Africa dedicated to helping the severely destitute women, men and children."

 Below are a few of my favorite Helen's Dreams pieces; to view more click here 


Also, you can keep in touch with the designer of Helen's Dreams by following her blog:

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  1. Wow..Carmela..thank you so very much for blogging about my lil shop of dreams! Hugs to you and thank you for passing sweetness and kindness! Cheers! ❤Helene


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