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Soft & Tough

Made Her Think has released their collections for fall 2011; as usual their comprehensive collections are amazingly designed with edge and elegance.

"Made Her Think designer Meredith Kahn (seen above) says people use 'parallel words' when describing Made Her Think, her in-demand line of baubles and handbags. 'I've heard 'naughty and nice,' 'edgy and girly,' 'moody and elegant.' It’s not that fashion writers are unoriginal, so much as this is exactly the juxtaposition Kahn is going for when she creates rhinestone-studded earrings resembling medieval weapons, or spiked necklaces softened with rosettes. 'There’s always some kind of irony or contradiction in terms of the elements,' she explains. 'I like pulling from a lot of different avenues, but I think that the end result has a softness and toughness.'”  (Petreycik, August 17, 2010)

Below are a few of Made Her Think collections for fall 2011; to see more click here.
 Collection Fourteen: Fight or Flight

Collection Eight: Faux Illumination 

Collection Seven: Sweet Nothings 

 Collection Four: Procession of Obsessions

Collection Eleven: Black Label

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