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The Streets Have Spoken

The streets have spoken; one ring wont do. Numerous fashion magazines, bloggers, models, and regular girls have been seen rocking multiple hand rings. Below are a few images and tips on this unconventional yet fabulous trend.   


As you can see wearing multiple rings is a trend that can be worn in the warmer months of spring/summer and in the cooler months of fall/winter. 

You could easily make a statement by incorporating this trend into your look this fall. However, there are a few things you may want to consider, because it is just as easy to look good in this trend as it is to look bad. 

1. Choose similar shades.
When you’re attempting to add more than one ring per hand, it is suggested to choose rings of similar metals or colors. (as seen above)

2. Mix simple rings along with statement rings.
This will help balance the overall look and bring it full circle.

Here are examples of simple rings

Here are examples of statement rings

3. Pick rings that have a personal theme or meaning.
Picking rings that have a personal theme or meaning will help in making this trend unique to you. (as seen above - everyone is wearing the same trend, but they all look different; this is because each woman has incorporated personal pieces that highlights who they are)

1 comment:

  1. Great idea on how to cooperate plain rings with statement rings.


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