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The Innovators

Innovation at it's finest! 
Fashion revolves around revitalization; for years designers have been resurrecting the dead and this year is no different. One of the 80's favorites - sun visors - has been brought back to life. While,  trends that have marked the past are endearing, nothings more intriguing (to me) than novel ideas. The innovators that head Bijules in NYC and Regal Rose in the UK have produced one-of-a-kind accessories that will surely spark an interest in anyone who loves to be different.  

Bijules: Nail Rings & Phalange Rings

Regal Rose: Hair Rings 


  1. they are really innovative! I would like to try these nai rings!

  2. I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!!! Do you make all the jewelry that you sell? When I get some money, I'm gonna make some purchases lol. I like!

    1. lol. Yes, I do make all the jewelry I sell, and I appreciate your support :) Thank you!

  3. Love your accessory posts,I want those,nail rings,so unique,Also following this blog,going to check out your shop now...

  4. The hair rings are the it! x


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