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Forever 21, an American chain of clothing retailers, has become one of young women's "go to" places to shop for trendy and affordable clothing on a budget; despite, their widely acclaimed clothing, some consumers are disappointed in the quality of their garments. However, "one of Forever 21's biggest strengths is their impressive collection of inexpensive statement accessories," (Mortensen) specifically their jewelry. Subsequently, their clothes may not be what you are looking for, but it is nearly impossible to pass up on their affordable jewelry. Check out my top jewelry picks from Forever 21 (below). 

 Multi Beaded Cuff, $6.80

 Wide Stretchy Bracelet, $10.80

 Beaded Trim Bracelet, $6.80

 Short Colorblocked Necklace, $12.80

 Funky Thread Necklace, $10.80

 Triple Chain Necklace, $10.80

 Beach Bum Bracelet, $6.80

 Coil Trimmed Bangles, $6.80

 Rhinestone Horse Ring, $5.80

 Tribal Stone Cuff, $8.80

 Embellished Shield Earrings, $4.80

Studded Wooden Bracelet, $6.80

Don't believe the prices? Click here, to check out their jewelry collection for yourself.  

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)
    I absolutely love that triple chain pearl necklace,such a statement piece.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x


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