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Muso Masi-ri: The Decoration of Women

"In Mali, women take pride in the jewelry they wear, especially because of the historical and cultural significance associated with it. In Bambara, the local language of Mali, Muso Masi-ri means “the decoration of women.” Muso Masi-ri's designer, Baba Berthe brings the spirit of Malian women and their pride in their culture to you through his jewelry. His goal is to decorate women all around the world with his art and to bring a small piece of Mali to each of them.

Berthe started creating his jewelry in 1999. Living in Mopti, Mali, also known as the Venice of Mali, Baba worked with the Musee des Perles (Bead Museum) in nearby Sevare. He started out as an apprentice of his mentor, Oumar Cisse, and later became independent. He has been traveling to many jewelry and art shows in Europe and the United States for the past four years.

Muso Masi-ri's work is all handmade, using local resources and materials from Mali, West Africa. Their materials include recycled bronze removed from old car radiators, silver, recycled leather, ebony wood which is native to West Africa, bone, glass beads, recycled rubber, and cowrie shells – Africa’s first money used for trade. Profits are reinvested in Mali in order to buy materials and promote education and health for their friends and family;" they have an ambitious goal to improve the development in Mali.

So, if you want to help them achieve their goal or would just like to buy amazing handmade jewelry with an ethnic appeal, check out Muso Masi-ri; below are few of their designs.

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