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Busy Bee

As mentioned before - Pure 2012 Sneak Peak - I am showcasing my jewelry line exclusively this Spring. Thus, I've been busy; busy with branding, packaging, advertising, and most importantly designing. Here's a look at some of my latest designs, which will be apart of my upcoming event. Consequently, they are not available for online purchase; if any of the items (below) are available after their debut they will become available to you. 

Name: Quest
Price: $72.00
Description: This Native American and Asian inspired set contains red yarn, Howlite, Turquoise, and Coral along with silver hardware.While, the necklace is medium weight, the earrings are lightweight. 

Name: Symmetry 
Price: $22.00
Description: This 2 piece set contains an adjustable bracelet and necklace. The asymmetrical  necklace is subtle, yet eye catching. The beads are black colored wood and glass seed beads. Silver hardware. 

Name: Christine
Price: $20.00
Description: These lightweight earrings contain Turquoise and Coral; they make a great addition to any lady's jewelry collection. The hardware is silver.  

Name: Royalty 
Price: $62.00
Description: This 2 piece set contains a 23.5" pendant necklace and a 19.5" necklace. The set can be worn together to create a larger look or it can be worn separately; this allows for three different looks. The necklaces are constructed with African glass beads, African metals, and Amber; the pendant contains African bells. 

For more information on Pure Love
and future events, contact me.  


  1. I love it all! Especially the first:)

  2. Wow its all gorgeous,but I especially love the red and blue pieces such gorgeous,contrasting colours.
    Thanks for your lovely comment,hope your having a wonderful day x

  3. Looooooove it!!!! I need the first one!

  4. Thank you all for your positive feedback; I was a little skeptical about the first one - I liked it but I was concerned about how others would perceive it.

  5. LOVELY !!!!
    i want them too..


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