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The Jewelry Factory

Setting The Scene
The Jewelry Factory

In general, artists know that the way in which they depict their art is just as important as the art itself. When setting up for a show artists consider the lighting, the walls, and space of the place in which their art will be shown. It is important. If an artist wants the viewer to experience a certain feeling outside of their work they must consider the space outside of it. For example, if I wanted to portray somberness, I may consider displaying my art in dim lighting with each piece close to one another in a tight space; however, if joy was the desired emotion, then the setting would be much different.

Pamela Love, like other artists, considered the portrayal of her art. In presenting her Fall 2012 Collection at Mercedes- Benz's Fashion Week on February 10, 2012 Love considered the lighting and the space for her showcasing - "...A copper metal structure which resembled part of a boiler room or furnace served as a backdrop, emitting ominous puffs of smoke, while the models, dressed in workwear-inspired gear, faces smudged with “dirt” stood on a podium staring steely-eyed at the audience. But not even the models’ dirty faces nor the dark setting could dim Love’s strong, sculptural jewelry collection, which subtly referenced industrial beams, and factory architecture...” (McCall, February 11, 2012) 

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