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Currently, I am working on a few projects; 
here are a couple of them.  

Crystal Necklace -  inspired by the "sparkle-emblazoned" accessories that are apart of Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Fall 2012 Collection, I started this necklace a few days ago. The design continues to change; I'm not sure if I will go with this design or my previous one. Hopefully, the end project is one that I would be proud of and can add to my Pure Collection

Oil on Canvas - I started this project a few months ago and I have yet to finish it. It's missing something, I just don't know what yet.  


  1. Love the colors in the painting and the necklace looks like its going to be awesome!!

  2. That blue is so beautiful and vibrant!

  3. Beautiful Vibrant Colors
    Thank You for Visiting my Blog
    Following you 2 !!!!!

  4. I think the result wil be awesome. Really want to see it!!!



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